Emergency Operations Frequencies to Avoid or Monitor

This is a list that Hamís need to be aware of, and will help to keep you
better informed and to avoid any potential inadvertent interference.

As of May 2006 this is a current list of frequencies for emergency or disaster situations. During the time(s) that these frequencies are in emergency operations it is suggested that they be given 5 KHz space on either side.

Section Emergency Operation Frequencies




3987.5 (SSB), 7260 (SSB), 146.52 (VHF), 3626.9 (Winlink)


3910 (SSB), 3673 (CW)


3862 (SSB), 3665 (CW)


3980 (SSB), 3635 (CW)

All listings are subject to change due to conditions: This section under construction

3626.9        LSB  Arkansas Winlink
03862.5  LSB  Mississippi Section Traffic
03865.0  LSB  West Virginia Emergency
03905.0  LSB  Delaware Emergency

03907.0  LSB  Carolina Coast Emergency
03907.0  LSB Virginia                                                                                                                                                                                     03910.0  LSB  Central Texas Emergency
03910.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES
03910.0  LSB  Louisiana Traffic
03910.0  LSB  Virginia Emergency, Alpha (ARES/RACES)
03913.0  LSB  New York State Emergency
03915.0  LSB  South Carolina SSB NTS
03915.0  LSB  Massachusetts/Rhode Island Emergency
03917.0  LSB  Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency
03920.0  LSB  Maryland Emergency
03923.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES
03923.0  LSB  North Carolina ARES Emergency (Tarheel)
03925.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
03925.0  LSB  New York State Emergency
03925.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency (altn)
03927.0  LSB  North Carolina ARES (health & welfare)
03925.0  LSB  Southwest Traffic (altn)
03935.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane                                                                                                                                                    03935.0 LSB   Alabama ARES
03935.0  LSB  Louisiana ARES (health & welfare)
03935.0  LSB  Texas ARES (health & welfare)
03935.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES (health & welfare)
03935.0  LSB  Alabama Emergency
03937.0  LSB  Western Massachusetts ARES

03940.0  LSB  Southern Florida Emergency
03947.0  LSB  Virginia Emergency, Bravo (health & welfare)
03950.0  LSB  Hurricane Watch (Amateur-to-National Hurricane Center) (altn)
03950.0  LSB  Northern Florida Emergency
03955.0  LSB  South Texas Emergency
03960.0  LSB  North East Coast Hurricane
03965.0  LSB  Alabama Emergency (altn)
03965.0  LSB  Connecticut Emergency
03967.0  LSB  Gulf Coast (outgoing traffic)
03970.0  LSB  New Jersey ARES
03975.0  LSB  Georgia ARES
03975.0  LSB  Texas RACES (altn)                                                                                                                                                                03980.0  LSB  Tennessee Emergency
03980.0  LSB  Southeast Virginia ARES                                                                                                                                                     03987.5  LSB  Arkansas Emergency
03990.0  LSB  South Carolina                                                                                                                                                                             03990.5  LSB  New Jersey RACES
03993.5  LSB  New York State RACES
03993.5  LSB  Gulf Coast (health & welfare)
03993.5  LSB 
South Carolina ARES/RACES Emergency
03995.0  LSB  Gulf Coast Wx
03995.0  LSB  Western New York State Coordination
07165.0  LSB  Inter-island 40-meter (continuous watch)
07225.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
07230.0  LSB  New York State Emergency

07230.0  LSB  Southwest Traffic
07232.0  LSB  North Carolina ARES Emergency (Tarheel) (altn)                                                                                                                    07232.0  LSB  South Carolina Emergency
07235.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
07235.0  LSB  West Virginia
07235.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency
07240.0  LSB  American Red Cross US Gulf Coast Disaster
07240.0  LSB  Texas Emergency
07240.0  LSB  Virginia Emergency, Bravo (health & welfare) (altn)
07242.0  LSB  Southern Florida ARES Emergency (altn)
07243.0  LSB  Alabama Emergency

07243.0  LSB  South Carolina Emergency
07245.0  LSB  Southern Louisiana
07245.0  LSB  New York State RACES
07247.5  LSB  Northern Florida ARES Emergency (altn)
07248.0  LSB  Texas RACES (pri)
07250.0  LSB  Texas Emergency
07254.0  LSB  Northern Florida Emergency                                                                                                                                                07260.0  LSB  Arkansas Emergency
07260.0  LSB  Gulf Coast West Hurricane
07260.0  LSB  Virginia Emergency, Alpha (ARES/RACES) (altn)
07264.0  LSB  Gulf Coast (health & welfare)
07265.0  LSB  Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (SATERN) (altn)
07273.0  LSB  Texas ARES (altn)
07275.0  LSB  Georgia ARES
07275.0  LSB  DELTA ARES EMERGENCY NET (days)                                                                              07277.0  LSB  Ga. Statewide                                                                                                                                                                          07280.0  LSB  NTS Region 5
07280.0  LSB  Louisiana Emergency (altn)
07283.0  LSB  Gulf Coast (outgoing only)
07285.0  LSB  Arkansas Emergency  (altn)                                                                                                      07285.0  LSB  Texas ARES Emergency (day) 
07290.0  LSB  Central Gulf Coast Hurricane
07290.0  LSB  Gulf Coast Wx
07290.0  LSB  Texas ARES (health & welfare)
07290.0  LSB  Louisiana ARES (health & welfare) (day)
07290.0  LSB  Texas ARES (health & welfare)
07290.0  LSB  Mississippi ARES (health & welfare)
07290.0  LSB  Traffic
14222.0  USB  Health & Welfare
14245.0  USB  Health & Welfare
14265.0  USB  Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio (health & welfare)
14300.0  USB  Maritime Mobile Service
14303.0  USB  International Assistance & Traffic
14313.0  USB 
Intercontinental Traffic (altn)
14313.0  USB  Maritime Mobile Service (altn)
14316.0  USB  Health & Welfare
14320.0  USB  Health & Welfare
14325.0  USB 
Hurricane Watch (Amateur-to-National Hurricane Center)

 Tom Harris, k5wth